Create an Amazon Wedding Registry in 5 Easy Steps

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Register for the perfect gifts for your new life together with Amazon’s Wedding Registry. Learn how to create your registry in 5 easy steps, plus tips on choosing the right items and sharing your registry with your guests.

Congratulations! You’ve finally asked her out and are all set to tie the knot! The exciting phase of organizing your ideal wedding and beginning your new life together is about to begin. Making a bridal registry is a simple method to ensure you get the things you really want. You may easily register for a large variety of products in various price ranges that you’ll use and appreciate for years to come with Amazon’s Wedding Registry.

You may establish your registry and begin adding items like home décor and culinary gadgets in just 5 easy steps. Your guests may buy presents from other retailers in addition to Amazon thanks to their global registry. You’ll have a personalized register for your own way of living before you realize it. See how to set up your Amazon Wedding Registry in 5 simple steps by reading on, and begin your happily ever after with the ideal presents.

Why Create an Amazon Wedding Registry?

Starting a new life together is exciting, but it also means you’ll need lots of essentials to set up your home. An Amazon Wedding Registry is a great way for you and your guests to choose gifts you’ll use and love for years to come.

First, Amazon has a huge selection of items at a range of price points. From kitchenware and linens to tech and decor, you’ll find everything you need to start your new home. Your guests will appreciate the variety and being able to choose gifts at a price that works for them.

An Amazon Wedding Registry also makes it easy for your friends and family to shop for you, even from a distance. No more guessing what you need or might already have – they can browse your registry and ship gifts directly to you with just a few clicks. Talk about convenience!

Once your big day arrives, Amazon’s registry completion program allows you to get any remaining unpurchased items on your registry at a discount. How’s that for a wedding gift?

Finally, Amazon registries are easy to set up and share. You can add items from any category and share your registry link on your wedding website, with invitees, or through word-of-mouth. Your guests will appreciate how simple it is to view, choose, and purchase gifts to help you start this exciting new chapter.

An Amazon Wedding Registry takes the guesswork out of gift-giving for your guests and ensures you get what you really want and need as you begin your lives together. Building a registry may be one of the most fun parts of planning your wedding – so start adding items today! The perfect gifts for your new home are just a click away.

Step 1: Make an Amazon Account

Make an Amazon Account

To start creating your wedding registry on Amazon, you’ll first need an Amazon account. Don’t have one yet? No problem, it’s free and easy to set up.

Step 1: Sign Up for an Amazon Account

Head to and click ‘Create your Amazon account’ to get started. Enter your email address and create a password. You’ll also need to provide some personal information like your name, address, and phone number.

Once your account is created, you’ll use it to sign in to your registry and make changes whenever you like. You’ll also use it after the wedding to track gifts, write thank-you notes, and make returns or exchanges if needed.

An Amazon account gives you access to all the site has to offer beyond just your registry. You can shop from millions of items, read reviews from other customers, get recommendations based on your interests, and take advantage of Prime shipping and streaming if you enroll in Amazon Prime.

Sharing Your Registry

With your new account set up, you’re ready to dive into creating your wedding registry! An Amazon registry makes it easy to add items from the entire site to your wish list. And when you’re done, sharing your registry with friends and family is a snap. You can spread the word through your wedding website or invitations, on social media, or by word of mouth.

Your guests will appreciate how simple Amazon makes the gift-giving process. They can browse your registry selections, purchase items with just a few clicks, and have gifts shipped directly to you or held for pickup at an Amazon locker location. Talk about convenient for everyone involved!

Step 2: Add Your Partner to the Registry

Add Your Partner to the Registry

Adding your partner to the registry allows them to help build your gift collection and ensures their friends and family can contribute as well.

Step 2: Add Your Partner to the Registry

To add your partner as a co-registrant:

  • Log in to your Amazon Wedding Registry and click “Manage Registry” at the top of the page.
  • Select “Add a Co-Registrant” from the menu on the left.
  • Enter your partner’s name and email address. Amazon will send them an email inviting them to join the registry.

Once your partner accepts the invitation, they will have full access to add or remove items, create lists, and share the registry with friends and family. Working together on the registry helps ensure you get all the essentials you need to start your new life as a married couple.

Some tips for collaborating on your registry:

  • Discuss your style preferences for things like kitchenware, linens, and décor. Select items you both love.
  • Divide and conquer by each focusing on different categories like kitchen, home décor, tools, sports equipment, etc. Then review together.
  • Create separate lists for items you each want so guests have options at different price points. For example, a high-tech gadget list and a gardening tools list.
  • Compromise when you disagree. No need to argue over brands or styles. Choose options you’re both happy with.
  • Once the registry is live, check in regularly to reorder priorities, add new items, and purchase gifts already bought. Make it a team effort from beginning to end.

Building an Amazon Wedding Registry should be an enjoyable experience for both partners. Adding your loved one as a co-registrant and collaborating on selecting gifts will help ensure you end up with all the things you need to start your new life together. Your guests will appreciate options and input from both sides as well. Compromise and teamwork—great skills to practice for your marriage!

Step 3: Browse Amazon’s Wedding Store

Browse Amazon’s Wedding Store

Once you’ve set up your wedding registry and added items from your checklist, it’s time to start browsing Amazon’s Wedding Store for anything else you need or want. This is where the fun really begins! Amazon offers an incredible selection of products for your new home together.


A kitchen is the heart of any home, so make sure to add essential tools and appliances to whip up meals together. Consider a quality set of pots and pans, a kitchen knife set, a blender, a slow cooker or an Instant Pot. Don’t forget basics like measuring cups, mixing bowls, utensil sets, and glassware.


Stock your bathroom with fluffy towels, a shower curtain, bath mats, and accessories in your wedding colors. Add a towel warmer, makeup organizer, or magnifying mirror for extra comfort and convenience.


Choose luxury bedding, pillows, blankets, and throws to create a cozy retreat. Add decorative accents like scented candles, artwork, or string lights. Don’t forget a quality mattress—it’s one of the most important investments for your new life together.

Home Decor

Make your place cozy and stylish with decor items like artwork, mirrors, candles, plants, storage ottomans, or area rugs. Create a gallery wall, add lighting fixtures, or pick out new furniture. The options for making a house into a home are endless on Amazon.

Take your time exploring all the categories and products. Add anything that catches your eye—you can always edit or remove items later. The most important thing is choosing high-quality essentials and decorative accents that fit your personal style as a couple. Your wedding registry should reflect your unique tastes and the type of home you want to build together.

Step 4: Add Gifts to Your Wedding Registry

Add Gifts to Your Wedding Registry

Once your registry is up and running the fun part begins—adding gifts! This is where you’ll choose items in a range of price points that reflect your personal style and needs as a couple starting your new life together.


A kitchen is the heart of a home, so stock it with high-quality tools you’ll use for years to come. Consider:

  • Stainless steel pots and pans (-) Nonstick cookware is also useful for easy cleanup.
  • A kitchen knife set – Look for forged, high-carbon German steel blades.
  • Kitchen tools – Think spatulas, wooden spoons, measuring cups, colanders, etc.
  • Small appliances – A food processor, blender, slow cooker or stand mixer are great options.

Bedding & Bath

High thread-count sheets, plush towels, and a comfortable duvet or quilt will make your bedroom a cozy retreat. Add:

  • Sheet sets (fitted, flat, pillowcases) – Egyptian or Pima cotton with a 400+ thread count.
  • Towel sets – Look for oversized bath sheets, hand towels, and washcloths made of cotton.
  • A duvet or quilt – Down or down alternative fills provide insulation. Choose a size for your mattress.
  • Pillows – Different fills (down, memory foam) suit different sleep styles. Get a set of pillows for you both.


Make your living room complete with electronics, streaming devices, and decor:

  • A smart TV – 4K resolution and streaming capabilities are popular. Look for Samsung, LG, or Vizio.
  • A streaming device – Like a Roku, Fire TV, or Chromecast to access apps on your TV.
  • Speakers – A soundbar with a subwoofer for rich home theater sound. Or a wireless speaker for music.
  • Artwork – Framed prints, canvas art, mirrors, candles, or knickknacks to decorate your space.

Keep adding items across various categories like decor, linens, glassware, luggage, or fitness gear until you reach around 50 to 100 gifts. This gives guests a good selection of different price points to choose from. Be sure to go back periodically and mark gifts as “purchased” as you receive them to keep everything up to date for your guests.

Step 5: Share Your Registry With Guests

Share Your Registry With Guests

Now that you’ve added all your must-have and wish list items to your registry, it’s time to spread the word to your guests. The more people that know about your Amazon Wedding Registry, the more likely you are to receive gifts you’ll love and actually use.

Share on Social Media

Post a link to your registry on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Say something like:

“We’re getting married! Check out our Amazon Wedding Registry for gift ideas. Your support means the world to us. #Newlyweds #WeddingRegistry”

Be sure to include lots of photos of you two being cute together. Your friends and family will be excited to shower you with gifts.

Email Close Friends and Family

Send a personal email to your inner circle with the link to your registry. Let them know you value their presence at your wedding above any gift, but if they’d like to give something, you have a few ideas to get them started. These people will likely buy bigger ticket items, so giving them guidance is helpful.

Include Registry Details on Your Wedding Website

If you have a wedding website, feature your registry prominently on the homepage. Explain that while gifts are appreciated, guests’ attendance is present enough. List a few of your most-wanted items as suggestions to get them started.

Don’t Forget to Say Thank You

As gifts start arriving, be sure to send a heartfelt thank you for each one. Call out the specific item received and how you plan to use it in your new home. Your guests will appreciate knowing their gift was truly meaningful to you.

Spreading the word about your Amazon Wedding Registry in multiple ways ensures all your guests have a chance to contribute to your new life together if they wish. With their love and support, you’ll be enjoying useful gifts for years to come!

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Registry Gifts

Choosing gifts for your wedding registry should be fun! Think of items that will make your new life together easier or more enjoyable. Consider your lifestyle and values to select meaningful gifts your guests will love giving.

Focus on the basics. Prioritize necessities for your first home like linens, towels, cookware or small appliances. These useful gifts will get plenty of use for years to come.

Ask for upgrades. If you already live together, register for higher quality or more advanced versions of items you currently have. Your guests will appreciate knowing they’re giving you something you really need.

Include some indulgences. Add a few “wish list” items like designer bedding, premium knives, or the latest kitchen gadget. While not absolutely essential, these gifts will make your new home extra special.

Provide a range of prices. Have gifts at varying price points so all your guests can contribute within their budget. Include less expensive items like measuring cups or picture frames along with bigger ticket items.

Share your personal style. Choose gifts that reflect your tastes and the decor of your home. If you have a modern, minimalist style, sleek stainless steel or bamboo options would be perfect. For a bohemian chic look, include colorful textiles, planters, or serving pieces.

Most of all, select items you both genuinely want and will use for a long time. Your wedding registry is meant to help furnish your new life together, not just acquire lots of stuff. Choose high-quality, long-lasting gifts and avoid being overly materialistic. Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness, and you’ll enjoy these gifts for years to come!

Managing Your Wedding Registry on Amazon

Managing Your Wedding Registry on Amazon

Once your registry is live, the fun part begins—managing your gifts! As gifts start to arrive, be sure to mark them as purchased on your registry so your guests know what’s already been gifted. You can do this easily right from your registry page.

You may find that some guests prefer to give cash or gift cards instead of selecting an item from your registry. No problem, you can add gift cards and cash funds directly to your registry. Guests can then contribute any amount they like towards your choice of an Amazon Gift Card, cash fund for your honeymoon, down payment on a home, or another meaningful fund you create.

  • Go to “Add Gift Cards & Cash Funds” on your registry homepage to set these up. Specify the occasion, and fund name, and upload an optional photo. Your guests will appreciate the flexibility.

As your wedding day approaches, keep an eye on your registry to ensure you have everything you need for your new home. You may decide to add or remove items. You can easily edit your registry at any time by clicking “Add or remove items” on your registry homepage.


Once the wedding festivities have ended, be sure to send thoughtful thank-you notes to your guests expressing your appreciation for their generous gifts. Mention the specific gift they gave in your note. Your guests will be pleased to know their gift was meaningful to you.

Lastly, within 90 days of your wedding date, any unpurchased gifts left on your registry will be removed. At this point, you can choose to deactivate your registry or leave it active if you prefer to continue building your new home together. To deactivate, simply click “Deactivate registry” on the homepage. Your registry information and details will no longer be viewable to guests.

Managing your wedding registry and the gifts you receive is an important part of the overall experience. Following up with your guests to express thanks for their kindness and support will make the memories of this special time in your lives that much sweeter. Wishing you all the best in your new marriage and happy gift receiving!

Wedding Registry FAQs: Your Top Questions Answered

You’ve set the date and found the perfect venue, and now it’s time to create your wedding registry. An Amazon Wedding Registry allows your guests to choose gifts you’ll love and actually use. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions to help you get started.

Do I have to register?

Registering for gifts is completely optional. However, creating a registry makes it easy for guests to choose gifts they really want and will use. It ensures you end up with presents you actually need to start your new life together rather than duplicate items or things you won’t use.

Can I register for anything on Amazon?

You can add almost any item sold on Amazon to your wedding registry. From kitchenware and home decor to luggage and electronics, the options are endless. You can also register for Prime subscriptions, gift cards, and charitable donations.

How do I add items to my registry?

Adding items to your Amazon Wedding Registry is simple. Just search for anything you like, then click “Add to Wedding Registry” to instantly add it. You can also browse recommended registry items for inspiration.

Can guests buy from stores other than Amazon?

Yes, you can add items from other stores like Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, and Williams Sonoma. Your guests will shop at the store of your choice, while you manage your entire registry on Amazon.


There you have it—a wedding register on Amazon that you can set up in just five easy steps. The exciting part is about to start: packing it full of everything you’ve ever wanted to begin your new life together. Take your time perusing the vast array of kitchen appliances, bedding, décor, experiences, and other items available on Amazon. Don’t forget to include some daily necessities and provide a variety of pricing ranges so that all of your visitors may contribute. Tell your friends and relatives about your completed register so they can begin their gift-buying. Once again, congratulations! Have fun as you prepare your wedding and new residence!


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