Amazon Wedding Registry Completion Discount 2023: Save 20% on Your Registry Items

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Save 20% on unpurchased registry items with the Amazon Wedding Registry Completion Discount 2024! This one-time discount is available to Prime members after their event date and is valid for up to $1,500 in purchases. Learn more and start your registry today!

It seems like you have been preparing for the wedding forever, and now the big day is finally approaching. It was well worth the many hours you spent browsing the internet and walking down shop aisles to create the ideal register. To assist you in beginning your new life together, your kind friends and family have showered you with presents. You may now enjoy an additional special reward from Amazon to mark the occasion: a 20% completion discount on the goods left on your registry. That’s correct, you may get a 20% discount off of your registry purchase up to $1,500. A little gesture to add a touch of sweetness to the conclusion of the wedding preparations and the start of the married life.

What Is the Amazon Wedding Registry 20% Completion Discount?

What Is the Amazon Wedding Registry 20% Completion Discount

You’ve undoubtedly spent months creating the ideal Amazon wedding registry as a newlywed couple. You are eligible to earn Amazon’s completion discount of 20% off chosen goods from your registry if your registry has been active for at least six months and has received over $500 in gifts.

This implies that you will be able to get a significant discount on the KitchenAid stand mixer, Dyson cordless vacuum, or Weber gas grill that you have your eye on. A maximum reduction of $300 may be achieved by applying the 20% discount to a single purchase up to $1,500. Not bad at all! Check your register six months after your wedding date to determine whether you’ve met the $500 requirement in order to take advantage of this offer. If this is the case, the discount will be applied automatically when you buy the remaining high-value registry items at checkout.

A few tips to keep in mind:

  • Double-check that the items you want to buy are still on your registry. If guests purchased them already or you deleted them, you won’t get the discount.
  • Buy bigger-ticket items first to maximize your discount. Get that $500 espresso maker before the $30 measuring cups.
  • You can’t use the discount on Marketplace items from third-party sellers. Stick to items shipped and sold by Amazon.
  • The 20% off applies to one order, so buy everything you want at once. You only get one shot at this deal!
  • If there are leftover registry items you don’t need right now, consider donating them to a charity like Good360. They’ll put your unwanted gifts to good use.
  • Thank your generous guests again! Without them, you wouldn’t have this opportunity. Expressing gratitude is always a thoughtful thing to do.

Take advantage of this Amazon Wedding Registry perk and enjoy building your new life together. The 20% completion discount is just one more reason why starting a registry with Amazon is a great idea for newly engaged couples.

When Is the 2023 Amazon Wedding Registry Discount Available?

Are you getting married in 2023 and using Amazon for your wedding registry? If so, you’re in luck! Amazon will offer a completion discount for all qualifying registry purchases in 2023.

When Can You Use the Discount?

For those bridal registries that have collected at least $500 in eligible presents, there will be a 2023 Amazon completion discount accessible from January 1 through January 1, 2024. You may save 20% (up to $300) on a single purchase up to $1,500 when you use the coupon.

Make sure your registry contains the $500 minimum worth of eligible presents before the discount period expires on December 31, 2023, if you want to take advantage of this offer. Anything you buy from your Amazon Wedding Registry counts as a qualifying gift; gift cards do not qualify. You will get an email from Amazon including information on how to use your 20% off discount code as soon as your registry reaches $500.

What Items Are Eligible for the Discount?

Almost everything on your registry, including necessities for your new house like kitchen appliances, beds, towels, décor, and gadgets, is eligible for the 20% completion discount. You may utilize the discount on smaller goods, like as throw pillows, candles, and picture frames, to round up your registry. Nevertheless, none of the Amazon gift cards in your register will qualify for the discount.

Saving 20% on your registry goods is a big assist, especially with all the extras and necessities you’ll acquire for your new married life. And with such a large selection of goods on Amazon, you can be sure to discover everything you need to have a happy marriage. Enjoy this exclusive offer and congrats!

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Who Qualifies for the 20% Discount on Amazon Wedding Registries?

To qualify for the 20% completion discount on your Amazon Wedding Registry, you and your spouse or partner must meet a few simple requirements. As long as you’ve been active registry participants, the discount should be yours for the taking.

The registry must be worth $500 or More

The first qualification is that your wedding registry must have a minimum value of $500 or more in qualifying gifts purchased for you. Qualifying gifts include anything purchased directly from your wedding registry wish list on Amazon. Don’t worry, any gifts purchased for you, whether big or small, will count toward that $500 threshold.

Must Be Within 1 Year of the Wedding Date

The completion discount must be used within one year of your wedding date. Amazon wants to reward you for your recent nuptials, so if it’s been longer than a year since you tied the knot, you won’t be eligible for the 20% off. But if your first anniversary is coming up soon, you’re still in luck!

Limited to One Order of $1,500

While the 20% discount can equal major savings, it does come with some restrictions. You’re limited to using your discount on a single order worth up to $1,500. So if you wanted to buy a new sofa and a washer/dryer set for your new home, unfortunately, you wouldn’t be able to use the discount on both. The good news is that $1,500 can still go a long way, especially with 20% off!

How to Redeem Your Discount

To redeem your 20% Amazon Wedding Registry completion discount, simply add qualifying items from your registry wish list to your cart and proceed to checkout. The discount will automatically be applied to your order during checkout once the requirements have been met. It’s that easy! No promo code is needed.

If you meet all these qualifications, you’ll be well on your way to saving big on must-have items for your new married life together. Be sure to take advantage of this generous discount within a year of saying “I do.” Your future self will thank you!

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What Items Are Eligible for the Completion Discount?

What Items Are Eligible for the Completion Discount

The 2023 completion discount applies to most items on your wedding registry, with some exceptions. In general, if an item is eligible for the registry and available to ship within the U.S., it should qualify for the 20% off deal.

Kitchen and dining

Registry staples like dish sets, glassware, cutlery, bakeware, small kitchen appliances, linens, and decor are all eligible. This includes brands like KitchenAid, Cuisinart, Le Creuset, and more. Whether you’re building your kitchen from scratch or just want to upgrade a few key pieces, the completion discount has you covered.

Vacuums and floor care

If a high-performance vacuum or mop is on your wish list, you’re in luck. Top brands like Dyson, Shark, Bissell, and iRobot are included in the promotion. For small living spaces or whole home deep cleaning, you can save on your preferred model.

Bedding and bath

Luxurious sheet sets, cozy blankets, plush towels, shower curtains, bath rugs, and other bed and bath essentials qualify for 20% off. Major brands like Ugg, Brooklinen, and Turkish towels are fair game.


Select tech gifts like Bluetooth speakers, streaming devices, eReaders, smart home devices, and other electronics are eligible. However, cell phones, laptops, and gaming consoles are excluded from the promotion.

What’s not eligible?

Some big-ticket items like furniture, luggage, jewelry, watches, and other high-end goods are not included. Gift cards, subscriptions, and services are also ineligible for the completion discount. If you have any questions about a specific item, check with Amazon’s customer service.

Using your 20% off coupon on must-have essentials for your new home is a great way to save on the important things as you’re just getting started. Take advantage of this limited-time offer and happy shopping!

How Much Can You Save With the 20% Amazon Wedding Registry Discount?

Getting married is expensive, so saving money wherever you can is key. One way to save a nice chunk of change is by registering for gifts on Amazon. They offer a 20% completion discount on select items from your registry once it reaches $500 in purchases.

How the Discount Works

Once your registry hits $500 in qualifying gifts, the 20% discount unlocks for you. You’ll receive an email from Amazon with details on how to claim your discount. It’s valid for a single order of up to $1,500, which means you can save up to $300. The discount applies to most items on your registry, including small appliances, linens, decor, luggage, and more. It does not include digital goods, wine, or subscriptions.

Maximize Your Savings

To get the biggest bang for your buck with the Amazon completion discount, here are some tips:

  • Focus your registry on big-ticket items that you really need or want. Things like kitchen appliances, furniture, or tools are great options.
  • Add a range of price points to your registry so your guests have a variety to choose from. But keep the more expensive gifts on your list too, since that discount can be applied to them.
  • Promote your registry well before the wedding to give your guests plenty of time to make purchases. The faster you reach $500, the sooner you’ll unlock that 20% off.
  • Take advantage of the discount sooner rather than later. It must be used within 6 months of receiving the code.
  • The discount can only be used on one order, so make sure you’ve added everything you want to your cart before checking out. You only get one shot at this!
  • Check if any of your must-have items are available as Amazon Prime products. Your completion discount will apply to those as well, and you’ll get the item even faster with free 2-day shipping.

Saving money on important new items for your new home together is a great wedding gift in itself. Be sure to thank your generous friends and family for helping you unlock such a valuable Amazon discount! With some strategic registry planning, you’ll be enjoying 20% off some of your most wished-for gifts.

How to Get the Most Value From the 20% Completion Discount

To get the maximum value from Amazon’s 20% wedding registry completion discount in 2023, here are some tips:

Register for gifts across a range of price points.

Include less expensive items along with higher-priced gifts on your registry. This makes it easy for guests with different budgets to find gifts for you. It also means you’ll likely reach the $500 minimum spend required for the completion discount sooner. Think of including gifts under $50, $50-$100, and $100-$200, as well as some bigger-ticket items.

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Prioritize must-have gifts first.

If there are certain gifts you really want or need, add them to your registry early. Your guests will often buy gifts starting at the top of your registry list. Don’t miss out on getting the gifts you desire the most. Move other gifts up or down on your list based on their importance to you.

Take advantage of bundle offers.

Look for gift items that can be bundled together. For example, a kitchen starter set with basic tools or a bathroom caddy with lotions and soaps. Bundled gifts from a single brand allow you to register for a cohesive set while only counting as one item towards your registry total. Your guests will appreciate the convenience too.

Keep your registry active even after the wedding.

Don’t close your registry immediately after the wedding. Keep it active for at least 2-3 months afterward. Many guests will buy gifts even after the wedding date, especially if they couldn’t attend or were late in finding out about the registry. The additional gifts will increase your registry total, allowing you to earn an even bigger completion discount.

Use your completion discount strategically.

Once you receive a notification from Amazon that you’ve earned a completion discount, plan how you want to use it. You can spend the entire $300 (if you reach $1,500 spent) on one expensive must-have gift or spread it out over a few smaller gifts. Buy gifts for your new shared home or stock up on frequently needed household supplies. Use the discount in a way that will provide you with the most value and excitement as you start your new life together.

By following these useful tips, you’ll be well on your way to making the most of Amazon’s generous 20% wedding registry completion discount. The extra savings will be much appreciated as you begin your marriage. Best wishes!

Tips for Maximizing Your Amazon Wedding Registry Savings

To get the biggest bang for your buck from your Amazon wedding registry completion discount, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Start a registry early

The earlier you start your registry, the more time you have to add items at different price points. This makes it more likely your guests will purchase higher-ticket items, helping you reach the $500 minimum spend requirement faster. You can always add or remove items from your registry up until your wedding date.

Choose a variety of price points

Include items at a range of price points so all your guests can contribute, no matter their budget. Having lots of affordable options under $50 or $100 means more people are able to purchase gifts, so you’ll achieve the spending requirement quickly. And of course, include some bigger, higher-end items for generous guests as well.

Add items you really want

Be sure to add items you genuinely want and need to set up your new home. Your registry should reflect your personal style and needs. Guests will be more inclined to purchase gifts they know you really want and will use, rather than items added just to meet the minimum spend.

Thank your guests

Send a heartfelt thank you note to anyone who purchased a gift from your registry. Let them know you appreciate their generosity and that their gift is something you will cherish in your new home. Your guests will feel good knowing their contribution was meaningful. And their satisfaction may encourage them to spread the word about your registry to others.

Use your completion discount wisely

Once you’ve achieved the $500 minimum spend and earned your 20% completion discount within 60 days of your wedding date, use it on high-priority, bigger-ticket items from your registry that you might not have received as gifts. This is a great way to get essential items you need at a major discount. Just remember that the maximum discount is $300, so choose items totaling $1,500 or less.

With some strategic planning and a well-curated registry, you can earn a generous completion discount from Amazon to help set up your new home. Focus on what really matters to you as a couple and stick within your budget. Your wedding guests will be happy to share in this exciting new chapter of your lives by gifting you items you genuinely want and need. And you’ll get to save 20% on the rest!

How to Use Your 20% Discount on Amazon Wedding Registry Purchases

To take advantage of your 20% Amazon Wedding Registry completion discount in 2023, follow these easy steps:

Check Your Registry Balance

Log into your Amazon account and view your wedding registry. Your completion discount will become available once you have received at least $500 in qualifying purchases on your registry. The discount amount will be calculated based on 20% of the total value of gifts purchased from your registry.

Choose Your Items

Browse your registry and select the specific gifts you would like to use your discount on. You can use your discount on one order of up to $1,500, for a maximum discount of $300. Pick out those higher-priced items you’ve had your eye on, or stock up on essentials to get your new home set up. Either way, this is a great opportunity to get exactly what you need at a lower cost.

Apply Your Discount at Checkout

When you are ready to place your order, proceed through the regular checkout process. On the payment page, enter the promo code WEDDING20 to apply your 20% discount. The discount will be reflected in your order total before you complete your purchase.

Factor in Shipping Costs (if any)

Keep in mind that the discount applies only to select registry items in your cart, not to any shipping charges. So you’ll want to make the most of your $1,500 order limit by choosing free shipping items when possible, or items that qualify for free 2-day shipping with a Prime membership.

Using your Amazon Wedding Registry completion discount is an easy way to save on gifts you really want or need to get started in your new marriage or living together. And with the wide selection available on Amazon, you’re sure to find plenty of qualifying items to take advantage of this special offer. The discount code WEDDING20 must be used by December 31, 2023, so start planning your order soon!


Well, there you have it, a nice little perk from Amazon to reward you for using their wedding registry service. As if saving time and reducing stress by having guests purchase gifts you actually want and need wasn’t enough, now you get 20% back on some of those big-ticket items you splurged on. Whether it’s that fancy espresso machine, the high-tech robot vacuum you’ve had your eye on, or just stocking up on some stylish decor to make your new place feel like home, this discount has your back. So start browsing now and get ready to place that order as soon as your registry reaches $500. The perfect ending to your wedding planning and the perfect way to start your new life together Enjoy!


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